“Because everyone should be able to eat cake.”
- Jenn Guimond
jenn before and after.jpg

Thunder Hill began in early 2018 as a hobby. After 8 years of being unable to work due to an ongoing battle with Bipolar 1, PTSD and an anxiety disorder a friend told me about the mental health benefits from following a strict keto diet. After some research and discussion with my doctor I decided to give keto a try. I had already been diagnosed with celiac disease 5 years earlier so I figured I was already part way there. 6 weeks into the diet things began to change, it felt like I was waking up, things began to come into focus, my creativity began to come back and I became restless with a new found energy.

After almost 1 year on the keto diet I am proud to say that I am off 50% of my medication and I’ve lost over 100 pounds but more importantly I learned first hand how to improve my health and the quality of my life with food.

I know how hard the temptation is when you’re at a family gathering and everyone’s best baking is laid out tempting you to “live a little”. Thunder Hill is a proud to say our kitchen is dedicated gluten free and we cater to a wide variety of special diets. People with food allergies deserve cake too! With us you can feel safe knowing each recipe is designed and tested to not only protect you but to also offer top quality ingredients for truly decadent desserts.

You don’t have to miss out anymore. You don’t have to eat dry gritty cookies. You don’t have to endure tasteless sugar free brownies.

Welcome to the Thunder Hill way of eating….

Photography and website by Amy Stewart.